Reliable products available to protagonists of construction

Thanks to the experience and collaboration with brands such as Sika, Oikos and Leca, Fimer can advise private individuals and designers to achieve construction projectsby providing a valuable service, particularly appreciated by professionals.Check out the effectiveness of the products and the most innovative solutions.


The professional lines available in Fimer allow the realization of any project type,
such as customizing environments with a splash of colour into the joints.
The line of fillers and sealers, durable and resistant over time,
provides an installation that ensures harmony between technique and aesthetics.


With Fimer you can make with your own hands a comfortable house,
protecting it from moisture and weather due to its external insulation which will ensure maximum energy efficiency and comfort, both in summer and winter.
Thanks to innovative coatings available, you can have a façade out of the ordinary, or choose among the thousands of colours of traditional finishes.


Interior and exterior paints, varnishes and fillers for paint or decorate as you like, safely and effectively.
Come in Fimer and free your colors desire choosing the many products for both professional use and for small domestic jobs.
Our team is available to assist you in the realization of your projects.


The coverageimplementation is a sensitive phase in the buildings construction that need to be insulated and levelled.
Non-shrinking screeds are made from innovative materials to produce any kind of thick,
avoiding the formation of micro-cracks or excessive shrinkage which occurs during physiological maturation of cement.

Internal paiting
External paiting
Materials for the installation
Thermal insulation
Non-shrinking screeds

Our main partner

By partnering with the best brands of products for building,
Fimer has the most innovative products and tailored to your needs.
Discover all the proposals of Italian and international brands available in showrooms.

If you love your home and want to make it special, choose Atelier Casa: the interior decorator signed Fimer

Industrial and shabby chic, romantic, country, curtain fabrics, giftware, home decor

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