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Password: energy saving. Trust Fimer to find solutions to the lighting and energy problems.


Solatube solar lighting systems are aluminum pipes built to lead the natural light
from the roof to inside buildings little lighted. The result is more light and color, with no lighting cost.
The installation does not require structural changes and can be achieved in a short time,
confirming Solartube as the easiest way to a give light to any room without Windows.


An idea really green? The small wind home, a power generator that derives from the research
of innovative solutions for the domestic dimension, where the need to optimise consumption has become a fundamental prerogative.
Ask for an appointment with our consultants and find out how this technological system and environmentally friendly.

I nostri partner

By partnering with the best companies in the field of energy saving,
Fimer offers the most innovative products and tailored to your needs.
Discover all the proposals of Italian and international brands available in showrooms.

If you love your home and want to make it special, choose Atelier Casa: the interior decorator signed Fimer

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