If you love your home and want to make it special
choose Atelier home, interior decorator signed Fimer

The interior decorator finds its perfect setting by Atelier Casa, a unique location where to find furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms.

The offer is completed with a wide range of fabrics combined (bedspread, curtains, wallpapers)
that are characterized by the high level tailoring.
Our designers will advise you the perfect and customized mood to furnish your home with the style you prefer.

Discover the trendy styles and book an appointment now with Atelier home, via Massari, 25 in Turi (BA).


Durable materials, basic design and functional, simple and essential lines.
The industrial style furnished loft and open space to cross the threshold of our homes in recent years.
The furnishings initially designed for factories, recreate a technical atmosphere able to arouse sensations,
giving the space a modern touch that is never banal.


Shabby chic: la tendenza dell’interior design che ricrea atmosfere calde, romantiche e accoglienti,
dando una nuova possibilità all’arredo ormai in disuso. All’apparenza trascurato e quasi lasciato a se stesso,
questo stile nasconde una cura e un’attenzione quasi maniacale per i singoli dettagli.


Shabby chic: the tendency of interior design which creates a warm, romantic and welcoming spaces,
giving a new chance to the disused furniture.
Apparently neglected and almost left to himself, this style hides almost maniacal care and attention for individual details.

Atelier Casa
Atelier Casa
Atelier Casa
Atelier Casa
Inkiostro Bianco: carta da parati Marrakech
Inkiostro Bianco: carta da parati Capital
Inkiostro Bianco: carta da parati
Inkiostro Bianco: carta da parati

Our main partner

By partnering with the best brands of furniture,
Fimer has the most innovative products and tailored to your needs.
Discover all the proposals of Italian and international brands available in showrooms.

If you love your home and want to make it special, choose Atelier Casa: the interior decorator signed Fimer

Industrial and shabby chic, romantic, country, curtain fabrics, giftware, home decor

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